Friday, June 20, 2014

BlogCast - What are Your Students Passionate About?


There have been so many times that I would like to read blogs, but I have been driving, or multi-tasking.  I wish that more of them were in an audio format as well, so that I could listen to them.  I decided to do an audio blog post.  Please let me know your thoughts.  I realize that "podcasts" exist, but many of the bloggers that I love to read, do not have podcasts, therefore I wish they did.

What are your thoughts on this method?

What are your thoughts on the topic discussed in this blog post or "blogcast"?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!


  1. Oliver, Thanks for sharing. I appreciate your focus on students... truly empowering them to change the world! Great work! Love the finish to your blogcast. We need a bit of humor in education.

  2. Oliver I love this! I love the idea of an audio podcast and as always, the passion you bring to student voice is great! I am honored to have been able to have connected with you and students all around the world are lucky to have you carrying the fire for them. Keep pushing my brother, I've got your back!


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