Monday, January 19, 2015

If you think......

If you think that assigning students to groups and having them work on a project during class is teaching collaboration, I disagree.

If you think that having students give a Power Point presentation to the class about the project they just did is teaching communication, I disagree.

If your class is ran the same way it was before the internet was invented, I don't think you are preparing students for their futures.

If you don't know what each of your students is passionate about, I don't think you know your students well enough.

If you think personalized learning means giving different deadlines for the same worksheet, I don't think you understand this concept.

If you think that grades and percentages are quality feedback on learning, I disagree.


  1. Oliver, this is so true and I like the plain-speaking manner you put it forward. I wish you would continue with examples, obvious as they may be, showing what sudo collaboration, communication... looks like, and what it really looks like. This would make a really useful infographic too. Thanks!

    1. Thank you for the reply, Sasha! I often spend too long writing a post, so I thought I would just "get to the point". I am glad you liked the format! I would like to continue writing these! Some are probably offensive, but hopefully they can start conversations!

  2. I really like your point of view and style of cuts right through. Good stuff Oliver!


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