Monday, May 4, 2015

3 Things That Look Really Dumb in Schools

3 Things That Look Really Dumb In Schools
(in my opinion)

1.  No Cell Phone Signs - It is 2015. Prepare students for their future, not your past.

Q:  Yeah, but...  Don't you have a lot of kids texting or tweeting when you are trying to talk to them? 
A:  Yes!  What a great teachable moment!  I have had many students texting & tweeting during class.  By the end of the 1st quarter, however, there are not many.  That would be rude!

Maybe it is time we substitute these signs with this one:

2.  Standardized Tests - no explanation needed.

3.  Traditional Grades - Quit being lazy.  Students deserve better!

Students deserve real, high quality feedback.  Why are we obsessed with thinking that the K-12 system exists as a simple classification system for the Universities?  

Some things are worth fighting for. I believe that our students are one of those things.


Oliver Schinkten
Founder of:  AssistEd Shift
About Me:
Advocate for students
Hater of the status quo
Fighting for the Transformation of Education

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